Case Study
Fighting for a Future

The prostituted women living in these RLAs have little to no agency. Often they are under close control of their brothelkeeper or aadmi (a kind of pimp), with little voice of their own. Here is one
such case of a prostituted mother who was forced to leave her child in the hands of her brothelkeeper, but continued to fight the odds to rescue her child.

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Fighting for Freedom & Protection

Over the course of Prerana’s work in the red-light area, we have come across countless stories of a mother’s resilience to give her children the freedom they deserve. Here is one such case of a mother who fought for her son’s freedom from the clutches of her brothel keeper, and the impact created when multiple stakeholders work together.

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In Company of Colors

The story of a boy who fought domestic violence, faced the challenges of being a red-light area child, struggled to study, and managed to pass

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