Rapid Assessment Survey – III

Aarambh project team working on Strengthening Child Protection Systems in Maharashtra has been working with the families of child victims of sexual offences living in Mumbai city, suburban, Thane, Raigad, Solapur and Nashik districts of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in partnership with UNICEF Maharashtra since 2015. This is the 3rd edition of the Rapid Assessment Survey to find out and focus on the living conditions of these families of child victims of sexual offences.

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The 03 Models of Care

This document is a consolidated brief of all the three original models of care for victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking (CSE&T).

It includes highlights from the previously released documents on Institutional Care Model, Restoration Care Model and Aftercare Care Model.

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Community Mapping (Project Sanmaan): Ghansoli, Chembur & Sathe Nagar

Project Sanmaan aims to enable children found begging on the streets to enjoy their right to wellbeing and dignity and break the intergenerational cycle of backwardness and begging in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Sanmaan’s interventions are currently in 3 communities – Ghansoli, Chembur and Sathe Nagar where children found begging reside. This exercise of mapping the 3 communities aims to understand the communities in-depth – starting from their demographics to their accessibility to resources.

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Red-light Area Mapping: Falkland Road & Vashi-Turbhe

Over the years, Prerana has witnessed significant changes in the RLAs. Since 2011, Prerana began routinely mapping the RLAs of Kamathipura, Falkland Rd. and Vashi Turbhe. Through this exercise, the team of Prerana’s social workers has been able to identify the changing structures and dynamics of the RLAs. Understanding this is crucial for planning welfare and developmental services and strategies. The annual RLA mapping is undertaken in the months of February and March.

Through this document, we aim to share an update on the current number of brothels, services, and organizations functioning in the RLAs of Falkland Rd. and Vashi-Turbhe with a reference to data collected in 2016.

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COVID-19 and Families of CSE Victims : A Rapid Assessment Study

Our Post Rescue Operations team works with children who have been rescued from commercial sexual exploitation. The team’s area of intervention includes working with the families of the victims to further the rehabilitation in the best interest of the child. These families belong to low-income groups and depend on daily wages. Many of them also work in the informal sector. The lockdown significantly affected the financial condition of these families, along with affecting their access to food, health care, and social security schemes. This is a Rapid Assessment Study (RAS) of the situation of the children and their families who the Post Rescue Operations team works with.

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COVID-19 and Migrant Workers’ Families on the Streets : A Rapid Assessment Study

Our Sanmaan team works with families who have migrated from their native places to Mumbai or Navi Mumbai.
These families are dependent on daily wages. Some of them also work in the informal sector.With the lockdown, every income-generating activity of these families came to a halt. With no transportation, mobility of these families was also affected. This is a Rapid Assessment Study (RAS) of the situation of the children and their families
whomSanmaan works with.

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The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Rules, 2020: A Comparative Look

The Prerana team created and worked on a comparison table of the new rules and old rules. This particular document highlights the new changes based on the stakeholder responsible for the execution of the same. In the attempt to potentially ensure a robust child protection system, these documents have been put together so that the relevant stakeholders can easily identify changes and their role in it.

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COVID-19 and the Red-Light Areas : A Rapid Assessment Study

This is a Rapid Assessment Study of the situation of the Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking living in the Kamathipura Red-Light Area and the adjoining Falkland Road of Mumbai. It also covers those who were earlier living in the aforementioned areas but had shifted their stay in the last 10 years and still come to these RLAs to solicit.

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Inter-sectoral Analysis of the Migrant Backward Communities and Induction of their Children in Beggary in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Prerana’s Sanmaan project works closely with children found begging and rescued by the police. This research by Sanmaan, examines the responses of the State, the current role, and gaps within the Juvenile Justice System and the factors affecting the role of the community in preventing or facilitating the induction of the children in beggary.

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Field Visit to Bangladesh

The patterns in cross-border trafficking keep changing. As an organisation working on anti-human trafficking initiatives for over three decades, we felt it was important to enhance our understanding of the current situation and trends.

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