Field Visit to Bangladesh

The patterns in cross-border trafficking keep changing. As an organisation working on anti-human trafficking initiatives for over three decades, we felt it was important to enhance our understanding of the current situation and trends.

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Red-Light Area Mapping: Vashi-Turbhe – March 2019

The Vashi-Turbhe Red-Light Area (RLA) is a relatively new RLA. The mapping of this area covers its various commercial establishments as well as the number of brothels. The data has been compared over four years i.e 2016 to 2019 and is collected annually between February and March.

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Red-Light Area Mapping: Kamathipura – March 2019

Having witnessed significant changes in Mumbai’s historical Red-Light Areas (RLA), in 2010, Prerana began routinely mapping the superstructures in these RLAs.
Through this exercise, the team of Prerana social workers can identify the changing structures and dynamics of the RLAs, as understanding this is crucial for planning its services and strategies.

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