what we do


Sensitization and Capacity Building

Since 1996 Prerana has been engaged in extensive training and sensitization covering, police, prosecutors, judicial officers, media representatives, duty bearers, service providers, care givers and others.

Research & Documentation

Prerana ATC pioneered the research and documentation of human trafficking in India and contributed substantially to the field. The contributions were in the form of hard prints and with free access.

Information Dissemination

The ATC is accredited with information dissemination which was global in nature and helped a wide range of users such as scholars, INGO managers, NGO leaders, Academic Institutions And other functionaries.

Legal Mobilization

Prerana ATC has been providing legal guidance, legal counseling, legal education, as well as legal representation to the victims and their helping professionals and organizations. Prerana ATC also pioneered Public Interest Litigation against the modern day slavery.

Generating Awareness

Awareness can be generated through various means. Prerana ATC makes posters, TV Fillers, songs, hoardings, writes articles in regional languages, publishes books, booklets, stories, blogs, as well as specialized publications like handbooks, Manuals, SOPs, Protocols.



Prerana ATC spread the culture and importance of networking in the anti trafficking field in India and South Asia. It pioneered many state level anti trafficking networks like NACSET, NATSAP, SNATCH, IMPACT, and facilitated regional networks like SAFHAT, ATSEC.