When Empowerment is an Illusion: Navigating Patriarchy at Home

As stakeholders working with young women, it is important that we understand the structures in which these young women are existing. One of the most common ways in which structures adapt is by providing an illusion of choice and progression in specific situations. In recent interactions with some of our clients, it has been observed that this illusion is a common thread among their narratives.

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Using the term ‘Survivor’: Facilitating Conceptual Clarity in the Anti-Trafficking Domain​

Over the past decade we have come across an increased use of the term survivors to refer to victims of trafficking. Various platforms, organisations, institutions, individuals use the term ‘Survivor’ widely differently and there has been little effort to put these usages in a comparative and analytical perspective for better understanding. We have not come across any serious analytical essay on the use of the term which implies a possibility that the use may be more a product of being fashionable than conceptually accurate. This note is an attempt to facilitate conceptual clarity on the use of these terms in the anti-trafficking domain.

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बस्ती की आवाज़ – कोविद-१९ के लोखड़ौन में बाल विवाह का संकट

कोविद-१९ विश्वमारी का प्रभाव कमजोर वर्ग पर सबसे ज़्यादा पड़ा है ख़ास तौर से छोटी लड़कियों पर| महाराष्ट्र और देश भर से बाल विवाह पे रिपोर्टस आ रहे है जिससे इस मुद्दे की एहमियत समझा जा सकता है| ऐसी ही एक केस है मालिनी की जिसे लोखड़ौन के बीच में बाल विवाह से बचाया गया| हसीना शैख़, हमारे सन्मान प्रोजेक्ट की सोशल वर्कर ने इस केस में काम करने के अनुभव के बारे में इस लेख में बताया है|

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Demystifying the Yale Study on Extended Closure of RLAs in India to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

While the world was battling COVID-19 and finding ways out of the pandemic, a study was released by Yale University, Connecticut, and Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts that linked the spread of COVID-19 to the Red Light areas. Many news outlets and media houses published this study, and the critique on it was quite limited. After a careful examination of the study, we share our reflection on the Study, it’s content, and recommendations based on our work spanning over three decades in the RLAs of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

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Covid Stories: Uncertainty in Rehabilitation and Disruption in Care Plans

Consistently working with her parents and younger siblings was extremely important in order to create a safety net for Prachi’s restoration. However, the COVID-19 situation has pushed the family further below the social ladder, without sustainable support from any front. The vulnerabilities have especially increased for Prachi’s younger sister Asha.

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Covid Stories: A Difficult Restoration

The pandemic had lead to the suspension of many due processes for children in need of care and protection. When Priya’s brother passed away during the pandemic, she had to be restored urgently to her family, making it a very challenging situation for the family, the child and also the social worker.

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