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Mainstreaming The Marginalized

‘Mainstreaming the Marginalized’ discusses the approach and the process we follow while working to ensure that these invisible women and children move past the trauma to find their place in the outside world.

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Discovering The Strength Within

At Prerana, we hear several stories. Some hopeful, some full of courage, but mostly all, heart-wrenching. Neerja (name changed) and her daughter Vini’s (name changed) story is no different. What is inspiring though, is how Vini transformed her life with sheer strength and faith in self and Prerana.

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The Dusky Road to Dignity

The Dusky Road to Dignity is one of Sanmaan’s first case studies. It is Meghna’s (name changed) story, but also about the larger situation at hand when it comes to children involved in beggary.

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Restoring Dignity Through Education

Jeet’s (name changed) case is one of the efforts by Prerana to support the dream of a little boy and his trafficked mother, keen on providing the best education she could to him, so that he doesn’t meet the same fate as hers.

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ATC Release: Illegal migration or human trafficking?

Understanding a social crime like human trafficking is complex. Lack of clarity might often lead to confusion with other crimes of a similar nature like human smuggling or illegal migration. However on closer analysis, one might be able to draw a better understanding of these issues. This is the story of a young girl, Ritu Patel (name changed) who was rescued by the Police, assuming it to be a case of trafficking but over a period of time, new facts came to light.

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ATC Release: Recognising Potential Danger

This is the case of three sisters — Fauzia, Asma and Saba (names changed). After Fauzia was placed in a Children’s Home, the caseworkers realized that the sisters were also at the risk of getting trafficked and exploited in the sex trade.

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