The Dusky Road to Dignity

In the year 1992, India had ratified to UN Convention of Child Rights, confirming to the fundamental rights of the children, where the child has the right to development, survival, protection and participation.

However, with a large number of children living unsheltered with no access to basic necessities of life, let alone education, we are miles away to stand true to our commitment.

Since Prerana’s inception, our goal has been to provide Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) with a safe environment to live, sustain and flourish. After years of working with the children from the red-light areas of Mumbai, Prerana initiated the project ‘SANMAAN’ (Dignity) in 2016, with a vision to aid the protection and development of the children found/rescued from beggary who are vulnerable to being victims of human trafficking.

The Dusky Road to Dignity is about one of Sanmaan’s first case study- Meghna’s story; but also about the larger situation at hand when in comes to children involved in beggary.

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