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COVID-19 and the Red-Light Areas : A Rapid Assessment Study

An unprecedented and unforeseen situation like the COVID-19 pandemic and a subsequent lockdown which is also unmatched in its devastating capacity are bound also to seriously affect the life and the very survival of the prostituted women of the RLAs. Given Prerana’s three-decades long extensive interventions in the areas, it was keen to know more and understand better. Considering the urgency and prevailing physical conditions of public life, Prerana decided to undertake a Rapid Assessment Study instead of any elaborate empirical research project.

This is a Rapid Assessment Study of the situation of the Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking living in the Kamathipura Red-Light Area and the adjoining Falkland Road RLA of Mumbai. It also covers those who were earlier living in the aforementioned areas but had shifted their stay in the last 10 years and still come to these RLAs to solicit.  Download

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