Distribution of Children in Prerana’s Night Care Centers as per Gender, Place of Origin & Chronology (2006-2016)

April 21, 2019
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In 1988, Prerana introduced the world to the first Night Care Center (NCC) offering mothers a safe place to protect their children from the dangers of the red-light district during the critical night hours. The NCC provides a comprehensive package of services on a 24×7 basis such as: protected shelter, wholesome nutrition (3 meals a day), free medical and health facilities, education and recreational facilities.We have often been asked to share the data of our children accumulated over the years. In response to this request and to disseminate the information gathered, we share below the graphical representation of the data of admissions in our NCCs in Kamathipura, Falkland Road and Vashi-Turbhe in 3 parts. The data for each center is divided into two parts and considers variables of Gender, Place of Origin and Chronology.

Kamathipura Night Care Center Admission Data:

Falkland Road Night Care Center Admission Data:

Vashi-Turbhe Night Care Center Admission Data:





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