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ATC Release: When Families facilitate Exploitation

Certain communities from several villages on the confluence of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh are notorious for the rampant practice of trafficking the young women and girls in their family into the sex trade. These communities come from a range of tribes across India like Deredar, Gandharva, Bancharas, Nat, Rajnat, Bedia, Kanjar, to name a few, where inter-generational prostitution is seen as an ancestral practice. Young girls are pushed into the sex trade by their families and the men have no ostensible means of livelihood other than trafficking and pimping them. In 2019, Prerana was referred a case of a child from one such community. Ishita (name changed), a native of Uttar Pradesh had been pushed into the sex trade by her family. Read More

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