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The Principle of Non-Stigmatizing Semantics – Our Experiences and Learnings

In our work at Prerana, we strive for a non-discriminatory approach in our everyday interactions and actively work to bring in more positive interventions and this document is a step in the same direction. The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 has also laid down some fundamental principles for the administration of the Act. This document is an attempt to bring one such principle to light, the principle of non-stigmatizing semantics, along with instances where children face stigma due to their backgrounds. In this document, we share a few of the instances observed by Prerana’s diverse project teams while working with children in need of care and protection, and vulnerable children from the red light area. Through this document, we hope to amplify the voices of the children with who we work and the discriminatory behavior that they face.

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